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New York | Events

The XIII Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism at the Cooper Union SPANISH ARCHITECTURE TAKES MANHATTAN

The XIII Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism (BEAU) arrives first to the United States for display at the Cooper Union in New York, before traveling to France, Germany, Japan and Sweden.
Under the heading “Alternatives / Alternatives” the exhibition, which opens on October 27, includes the selection of 22 winning projects and 20 finalists chosen by the XIII BEAU in paragraphs architectural works and performances; research and dissemination.

“The economic crisis was a critical moment for the Spanish architecture and we have seen a slowdown in new construction, but a huge growth in the restoration work,” says Francisco Mangado, General Coordinator Biennials in Spain. “Our goal to bring the Biennial to the Cooper Union and turn it into a traveling exhibition makes the Spanish architecture, with its sensible forms and ingenious design, open to the world”.

More information: XIII BEAU


Barcelona | Cinema

Antoni Muntadas
Television and Politics

Film Archive of Catalonia program, on 25 and 26 October, two special by the Catalan artist Antoni Muntadas multimedia, which uses the image to analyze the power of the media sessions.
The first work, Political Advertisement (1952-2016 ), explores the propaganda and the evolution of US election campaigns. The second, On Translation: Fear / Fear / خوف approached from different perspectives fear that exists on either side of a problematic border.

More information: Filmoteca de Catalunya


Madrid | Events

Open House Madrid

When architecture raises passions 

The nearly 40,000 visitors to the second edition of Open House Madrid show the current interest in architecture. In addition to visitors, 600 volunteers told the stories of over 100 buildings, giving value to what is normally considered everyday urban environment.

“We advocate a festival city and architecture, to know and recognize what you have in your environment to value and want more your neighborhood. As a nondescript building that you see every day because you have it in front and suddenly walk in and find out why they did so, understand and look differently “says Pati Nunez, director of the festival with Paloma Gómez Marín.


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