Shigeru Ban Talk

The Pritzker Prize winner will offer his view on humanitarian architecture at the Roca Barcelona Gallery

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Winner of the 2014 Pritzker Prize for his innovative use of materials and humanitarian efforts around the world, Architect Shigeru Ban will give a lecture at the Roca Barcelona Gallery on 29 April. The talk presents Ban’s vision for aiding humanitarian crises that involve millions of displaced people seeking a dignified environment in which to settle until they can return home.

The Japanese architect has been recognised for his work in the creation of temporary housing for disaster stricken communities or those fleeing war zones, through the use of unconventional materials, giving rise to sustainable architecture, resulting in a combination of poetry and pragmatism. Among the provided solutions are structures made of paper tubes, wood without metal connections, laminated bamboo and reused shipping containers. In fact, one of his works can be seen in the Wooden Skyscrapers. Vertical Visions for Future Cities exhibition, currently on at the Roca Barcelona Gallery.

Ban’s conference is part of the jumpthegap® design contest’s jumpthegap®(talk) sessions, which Roca promotes and which aim to bring architecture and design industry leaders to offer their views. The conference also acts as the starting point for the Architecture in crisis zones roundtable cycle, which the Roca Barcelona Gallery is hosting in the coming months.

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